Saturday, 5 March 2011

A small word about trade caravans, their investments, and routes!

This section briefly covers the four Traders that you may encounter randomly when you pass one of several larger settlements.
|Trader's Name:|Investment Present: |Max Repair:|Schematics:     |Type of Items|
|Doc Hoff      |Stimpak x5          |     65    |Nuka Grenade    |Chems        |
|Crazy Wolfgang|Stealth Boy x5      |     75    |Rock-It Launcher|Misc./Junk   |
|Crow          |Crow's Eyeboy Helmet|     65    |       ---      |Armor        |
|Lucky Harith  |mini Nuke           |     70    |Shiskebab       |Weapons      |


Speak with Uncle Roe in Canterbury Commons about this.  He'll let your do two investments, the first costs 200 Caps, the second costs 500 Caps.  Investing in a particular trader increases their inventory, their Repair Skill, and you will be rewarded with a present the next time you see the merchant you invested in. You only get a present when you invest the 700 Caps in total, and you only get these presents once.  See above for the gifts.

Trading Route

The traders use a fixed route.  They travel from location to location, and they only stop at the places listed below.  They always visit them in the order listed, and they follow after each other: Doc Hoff, then Crazy Wolfgang, Crow, Lucky Harith.  If you meet Doc Hoff in Megaton you'll know you can meet Crazy Wolfgang if you wait 2 hours (with the wait-function).
Ask Uncle Roe about the Map that pinpoints how the Caravan Traders trek.


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  6. If you figured out a trading location you can just stay there and wait for 1 hour or 2 and the next caravan will arrive. at least that's how I handle them. :D