Friday, 4 March 2011

Fallout 3 - interesting locations

There are many places to visit in capital wasteland. From dark metro tunnels, to beautiful -- or used-to-be-beautiful -- monuments, Washington D.C. has something for everyone!

I wont be covering everything in todays post but heres a few locations that are sure to impress.


Numerous Vaults were constructed in anticipation of the unfortunate nuclear holocaust, they were designed to keep the inhabitants safe from the nuclear fallout until it was safe to emerge, however each vault was designed as a social or research experimentation lab. May or may not have been assigned a G.E.C.K.

Vault 87

You learn of this from the Brotherhood of Steel Scribes, experimented with the FEV virus, infested with Super Mutants and Centaurs, an unused G.E.C.K is located here. Main entrance flooded with radiation, alternate entrance found through Little Lamplight.

Vault 92

You are told of this place from Agatha and can find the vault's location from the Brotherhood of Steel Scribes or from the Vault-Tec Headquarters in Downtown DC. Agatha wants you to explore this to find her sister's violin called Soil Stradivarius for a quest. Located in the North-Eastern end of the map. Area is covered in Deathclaws.

Vault 101

"Where no one ever comes and no one ever leaves." Jewel of the Capital Wasteland and your home. Vault 101 was part of the Vault experiment program, and was never intended to reopen after the war, but after your father mysteriously disappears from the vault you must give up your home and search for him. The medicine Bobblehead can be found here in the medical section of the vault.

Vault 106

One of the Vault Experiments. 10 days after the door was closed, psychoactive drugs were released into the vault's air filtration system.When in here you feel the effect of the drug and the screen goes purple and you start seeing the Tunnel Snakes gang and others (If you walk out of the druged area than walk back in you won't be affected) Home to the Science Bobblehead. Just North of Vault 101 in the mountainside next to Kaelyn's Bed and Breakfeast, could be a good place to get starting equipment. Also remember to wach out for crazy survivors. Weirdly, when you 'kill' hallucinations using something that makes lots of blood (swords, missiles etc.), their blood is on the floor when you stop hallucinating.
Quests none but this place was still fucked

Vault 108

Vault 108 is another Vaultech Vault that whose residents are clones all numbered and named "Gary" for some unknown reason. Beware these clones are not very friendly to everybody. They only speak the language "Gary" but sometimes you can hear them speaking english sometimes becuase of glitches. There are no quests in the vault you just enter and kill or even find some ammo. Contains (quite ironically) the Charisma Bobblehead.

Vault 112

Vault 112 is home to a Doctor Braun, a chief developer of the G.E.C.K. and a leading Vault-Tec scientist, Vault 112 was built around a large, virtual reality machine, the brainchild of Doctor Braun. The Primary goal of Vault 112 was to allow the inhabitants to live out the horrors of nuclear devastation within their own minds. The vault's physical upkeep is provided by Robobrains specifically programmed for the purpose. The Vault entrance is located in the basement of Smith Casey's Garage that is located north of Jocko's Pop and Gas Stop. A switch on the wall opens a staircase to the Vault.
The artificial reality that exists within the Vault is known as "Tranquility Lane", a small cul-de-sac inhabited by the physical members of Vault 112. While it is later made clear that other simulations existed (specifically a tropical island and a ski resort), Doctor Braun has since changed it. His unique position as the Vault Overseer gives him an awareness that is unallowed to the other members of the vault, who take the simulation as reality. A failsafe was implemented to allow those within to die (as their avatars die, their physical bodies also perish), through the use of a simulated Chinese attack. Quests Tranquility Lane
NOTE: If one refuses to play Braun's game, it is possible to exit Tranquility Lane without any loss of Karma. It involves using the items in the abandoned house. P.S. For all you evil fans, braun's game lets you mercilessly kill everyone with no resistance. >:) Muhahahahhahahhaha!
I am extremely tired wastelanders so i'll be sure to install a part 2 later on today, bear with me! :)


  1. Oh man how many hours I've spent searching for all the vaults.. WORTH IT!

  2. glad you guys enjoy ahah i'll get right on a part two for more interesting locations later ! :)

  3. I love how every vault has a story and it reflects in the specific challenges within them.

  4. "See this Radroach? Can u shot.."

    nostalgia <3